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Countless national and international forex brokers are waiting for newcomers in forex. Comparing brokers helps to navigate a wide range, especially for a beginner. The focus should be not only on the conditions for the Forex account, but also on the broker as a whole. Does it provide sufficient deposit protection and perhaps even offer attractive bonuses? We took a detailed look at the various Forex options and showed what traders should look for when choosing.

Even while is still quite recent broker, it shall be considered as one of the best options for beginners at this moment.

It takes only a few minutes to open account with SwissUnion broker and start your trading experience.

SwissUnion Forex broker tips: What to Consider When Opening a Forex Account?

Almost every company like SwissUnion forex broker provides its customers with a scale of options from starting terms of cooperation to professional partnership.

In direct comparison, good forex accounts should offer very good customer service and training materials as well as current trade documents such as chart analysis. The Forex account must be available in a free demo like at SwissUnion broker so that new traders can familiarize themselves with the basic settings. If the trading platform can be personalized, this is a clear advantage for the respective forex broker. An online forex account must be opened within a few business days. Forex brokers who mention the risks of trading on their website, in discussions with clients and in contracts are very good forex brokers. The forex broker should offer a wide range of leverage and spreads. Bonus payments for new clients differ depending on the broker, the amount of the deposit and the number of trades during a certain period.

The Most Important Steps To Create An Online Forex Account

SwissUnion forex broker like other forex brokers offers a separate area on their website where an online forex account can be registered. The registration procedure can vary from broker to broker, but is essentially based on the following steps:

Step 1

SwissUnion Forex account is opened by filling out an application. If the application is confirmed, you will receive a download link or email with registration documents and information.

Step 2

Security check is processed by the company. Specialists can contact you in order to clarify some details. If you get any technical issues during the registration, SwissUnion forex broker's support service is always be available and competent.

Step 3

After filling personal data at, the application and personal documents such as utility bill for address verification and a copy of passport or ID are sent to the Forex broker using a form or email. Subsequent processing can take several hours or up to 3-5 business days. It is a part of AML and KYC policies.

Step 4

SwissUnion Forex account is activated after the deposit payment. Depending on the provider, payment is made, for example, by credit card or instant transfer.

Step 5

Once the money has been deposited into the SwissUnion Forex broker account, all that remains to be done is to establish your own trading strategy and start earning. It is broker’s job to stay in contact and send you forecasts, advices and replies, while you’re in charge of all your operations on the platform.

Comments (23)
O’Connor’ Charles

My thought is that they only blame themselves if they lost their money because of a bad broker. Next time, do not be lazy and research first to find out which brokers are good (I would recommend Swissunion) and which are not.

Stokes John

I love the entry level of Swissunion for dealers. I was waiting for such a beginner-friendly broker to show up.

Lynch Elwin

At that time Swissunion was the first broker with which I worked with. I will not say bad things about them, they are relatively successful, though they have some little problems.

Ross Bryan

Does anyone know if Swissunion are new on the market or not? I thought about working with them, but I do not want to risk working with newcomers ... could not find reliable information online. So share, please ...

O’Neal’ Williamя

Good shopping software. It has so many useful features that simplify trade. Friendly and affordable customer service. Immediately engage in trade. A decent brokerage company with good signals and services.

Small Paul

High quality services. Always professionally. What makes me choose this broker, in addition to good signals, it is a fast and simple process of output funds. I will definitely recommend.

Charles John

Really high quality services and useful support. Everything works smoothly and efficiently. Minimal slipping, accurate signals and rapid rendering of funds are just some of the good services of this broker. Very recommended broker.

Rich Jessie

Excellent live chats. They can solve problems through chat, it's good. I do not need to call them most of the time. They also respond quickly. Available initial deposit. I am happy that I started with a minimum deposit, but after a few months I really got a good profit.

Tucker Bennett

I do not understand where negative reviews and accusations of broker in fraud appear here. I trading on this platform for three years and I never had any controversial or conflict situations, I have always received my money, and sometimes with delays, but this is not a reason to conclude that the broker is unclean to hand.

Roberts Harold

I really like the fact that there is no limit of deals, I can open as much as I need. Processing is very fast, no bugs were observed. Money takes several times a month, so that you can get large amounts to get.

Bell Joseph

Just a top platform. Really did not meet better. There are the coolest chips that you can not find other, and even if they are declared, it is most likely stupid will not work. It all functions perfectly. Very satisfied with the work of this broker.

Tate Reynold

Never came across a broker who would have such a cool mobile application. swissunion Consultants I was very surprised and pleased with this feature. However, it is not always possible to work from a computer, then this mobile application is very reversing, you can engage in trading without binding to one place. I will answer immediately to a potential question: Yes, in the mobile application collected all the same functions as in the main version, so this is not just an addition, but a full-fledged analog.

Cross Brian

Excellent trading platform, easy to use, intuitive interface with hyperlinks for beginner traders. I highly recommend this broker to all traders.

Horton Christopher

I would call it a professional trading platform. No freezing, transactions are performed quickly, quotes correspond to the quotes of other platforms.

Reeves Charles

Reliable seller. Fast

Garrett Matthew

Traded several times now and could not be happier. Very professional, quickly and honestly.

Thompson Jack

Normal, and most importantly adequate technical support that quickly solves issues. swissunion - a worthy example of a quality broker who takes care of its customers, here everything is done for traders

Simon Herbert

Support led me in many things. I'm not so good in finding my way when I do something new. It was a support team that spent me through how to set up a robot and other information that I need from them.

Barber Anthony

Good support. Very quick binding platform best. Place for buying and storing Activity Different. Type of invoices spreads

Perry David

The offer is interesting, the spreads are also good, the service is very pleased, the platform is super, so uniquely plus. I hope that in the future everything will be fine.

Wiggins John

In my opinion, Swissunion Consultants is very cool. MT4 and MT5 work perfectly. I never had problems with the processing of requests and with the output of funds. Swissunion Consultants - My favorite.

Miles Edgar

For two years of my trading, Swissunion Consultants all changes were only for the better. There are excellent spreads, small commissions, a lot of tools and a large selection of trading accounts.

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