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Scammers use phishing techniques to gain access to passwords and other sensitive data by sending false messages to many recipients. Scammers want to steal your money through e-banking, credit card details, or other internet services. How can you protect yourself from scam?

What is phishing?

According to SwissUnion scam detection team by phishing, scammers try to gain access to passwords and other confidential data by sending false emails to many recipients. Criminals want to steal your money through e-banking, credit card details, or other internet services. Therefore, it is important to protect yourself well from phishing by quickly recognizing such emails.

Scam emails are either designed in such a way that victims send sensitive data back using the reply function, or they must click a link. This leads to a bogus website where victims have to log in. This gives attackers access to the real login information.

Fraudsters not only falsify banks and brokers as senders, but also any other providers that you have to log into with user data, such as auction platforms, social media or telecommunications service providers.

How to recognize phishing emails: SwissUnion scam protection tips

Phishing emails can have one or more of the following characteristics:

Advice SwissUnion scam detection team: How to protect yourself from phishing emails:

SwissUnion scam security department advice: if you were scammed:

More Tips:

  1. If you are not sure if the message is real or phishing: check with the sender. Do this using an official phone number or email address. Find information online.
  2. Keep your operating system and antivirus software up to date.
  3. Check your bank and credit card statements regularly.
Comments (18)
Hensley Christopher

I just started working with Swissunion two days ago, and have not yet achieved any significant profit. I am now a bit confused about how fast money in this trading business come and go. Hope will soon find out what it's good.

Long Horatio

It seems to me that you are all a bit too overwhelmed by this trend with foreign currency. Sure, I have also heard a lot about brokers like Swissunion, but come on, it does not end with the selection of a broker, you have to be well educated and smart.

Mitchell Peter

I'm really far away from acting, but my wife says she checked and found these Swissunion people and found out that they are real. Of course I do not ask you to hold your word for granted, but please leave your opinion here if you try it yourself. Because she acts and I really want to understand what kind of do you have it to do

Dickerson Michael

Fast performance and rapid output of funds. Accurate market forecast. I only listen to the Broker Tips and pleased with your trading results. They have a great platform. It has so many features that are especially useful when forecasting the market.

Gilmore Simon

Strong market forecast. I get good profits from this. Affordable and honest broker caring for their customers. Honest broker, which I completely trust. Signals are reliable, and the service is good.

Edwards Mervin

He gives everything you need to modern traders. Liquid financial instruments, derivatives and efficient credit shoulder. I do not regret this decision, because right now I have already surpassed my expectations. My profit rate reached the goal and even exceeded it. It would be impossible if the broker did not provide stunning trading instruments.

Collins Augustine

I wanted to note a really good level of services provided. If problems arise, I can always contact technical support and I will explain in detail in detail, they will answer my questions and give a delight tips. Very satisfied with the quality of work.

Underwood Junior

Two years ago, I decided to change the broker, as the conditions in the previous were strongly spoiled. swissunion Consultants I found in the top of the ratings and immediately decided that I would not search for more. Since then, I have been incredibly pleased with all the chips and features. Especially I am pleased with the rapid conclusion and the absence of commissions.

Phelps Jack

I have extensive experience with brokers-ravend and I can define them already for the first day. When I registered this broker, it was assumed that this is another scam, but everything turned out to be the opposite. Finally got on the maximum honest broker. Deposits are not overestimated, transactions are open and closed without problems. The output is really fast. Recomend for everybody.

Allison August

The company is not bad, but I would like to draw your attention, or rather even ask more interesting promotions and competitions for the holidays. Sometimes competitors are preparing more interesting conditions. Thanks!

Sanders Paul

I carefully chose my broker and stopped at swissunion. The conditions acceptable and broker are regulated, there are bonuses and cachek, on ECN low spread, which helps it very much.

Clarke Terence

I really liked the broker. As for me, in terms of work it is now a fairly reliable and advantageous option. Finally, this is a really good option.

Pearson Simon

I work with swissunion for more than four years. I really like everything: removal of money without problems, the terminal works like a Swiss watch, managers are very polite.

French Amos

Fast reaction, as usual, is very useful when first identifying. Professional and easy to trade.

Waters Neil

I have been working with amarkeys for a long time. Everything was different - the transactions were not accomplished and the money was not displayed instantly, but everyone could always resolve them. But narrow spreads and many tools are good news.

Cummings Williamя

There are people with extensive experiences who know their work perfectly. The broker is really cool, nothing to complain about.

Cox Horatio

Pretty cool offer, so far is doing well. Currently trading on the main currency pairs. I'm not sure that with the indices they still have just as good, I have not tried, I will not lie.

Powers Thomas

Pretty good performance. Spreads are also not too large. The conclusion is also very pleased, there were no problems. Swissunion Consultants Today, my best broker.

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