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Commissions, reliability and trade execution are just some factors to consider when choosing a broker.

Now is the right time for an investor: competition between online brokers is fierce, which means costs are falling and services are increasing. However, with such a strong demand for online brokers, we are seeing more and more new firms entering the business hoping to capitalize on the growing number of retail investors. This can make it especially difficult for investors to find a broker that suits them.

In this article, we will look at important criteria to consider when choosing the broker that suits you, using the example of SwissUnion.

SwissUnion broker has been operating on the market recently, starting its activities in 2020. But for a short time he was able to establish himself as a reliable partner for traders.

All company activities are legal and controlled by a local regulator. This factor is important for many traders, they often mark it with positive reviews, which we could find on various Internet sites.

SwissUnion reviews on brokers’ security

When searching and comparing brokers, the availability and transparency of all the necessary information about the company is very important. All basic information about the company can be found on their official website.

The broker maintains a Know Your Customer (KYC) security policy.

Know Your Customer (KYC) is a mandatory process of identifying and confirming the identity of a customer when opening an account and periodically over time.

In other words, financial institutions need to make sure their customers are what they say they are.

Compliance with KYC rules can help prevent money laundering, terrorist financing and other standard fraudulent schemes. Financial institutions can more accurately identify suspicious activity by verifying the identity and intent of a customer when opening an account.

Financial institutions have come to comply with ever higher standards when it comes to KYC laws. They have to spend more money to meet KYC requirements, or they will face heavy fines. These rules mean that almost any business, platform or organization that interacts with a financial institution to open an account or participate in transactions will have to comply with these obligations.

If you register an account or make money transactions, the broker will ask you to provide the following information:

Terms of cooperation offered by reviews

It is important to determine initially how much money you are willing to invest in trading so that it does not bring losses to your wallet.

Think carefully if you need all the additional services that brokers offer for different types of accounts. Perhaps it will be an excellent decision for you to choose a simpler and more democratic company for yourself and choose one or two services that you need for your business. reviews on account types Reviews of Customer Support

The broker's support service is the best friend and reliable support for any trader. The SwissUnion support service, according to users, is a team of professionals who will come to the rescue in any incomprehensible situation and are in touch at a convenient time for traders. This allows traders to feel confident and secure.

Support service SwissUnion customer reviews are always positively noted for their professional work and efficiency.

What if you have questions or difficulties in your work? The support team is always in touch to support you.

You can contact the support service for questions:

Have a question but don't know who to contact? Write to the support service at one of the addresses listed below, or call by phone.

SwissUnion: reviews of customers

“One of the brokers on my list. There are some drawbacks, of course, but the overall picture is very promising. For me, the most important thing is to withdraw money, and there have been no problems with this in SwissUnion yet. I want to pay special attention to the support service in my review. Polite and professional guys who came to the rescue several times”

“A very good company with good online support. You will always be called back and asked what was of interest and what was painful. The company has established itself as a good and quality broker with excellent instruments and an average spread. I can trust and advise them ”

Comments (25)
Douglas George

Yes, Swissunion has been my broker for some time, about half a year. They are alright, they just have to customize their expectations - do not wait too long on a money shower, it is not the task of a broker to organize them.

Haynes Michael

I really wish Swissunion would have a slightly faster reaction time when it comes to customer care. Everything else is ok and I really like it, but the customer care sometimes irritates me.

Poole Gerald

The trade came unexpectedly in my life and Swissunion too. I can not say that I regret it. I have good money. Maybe I could have earned with other brokers, who knows.

Harrington Alfred

Why would you even consider the possibility not to work with a broker? LOL. There is no chance that you can succeed in this business without experience and / or support, no matter how many books you have read. Trust me, without brokers like Swissunion they are gone.

Mills Peter

I started selling and having some experience. Sometimes I do not have time because I need to work regularly. So I tried to copy others and received a profit. That was great. Good signals and trade tips. I definitely recommend everyone this broker.

Lucas Matthew

The overall productivity is good. I get a good trading profit from signals. Board customer service. They are easy to deal with them, and they are always ready to help.

Franklin Edward

Print profit is easy. Simple verification process. Reliable forex company. They are professional in all respects. No problems with any of their services.

Beasley Scott

I completely trust this brokerage company. They are transparent, and they need time to explain everything. I can always rely on their customer service, they are always ready to help me in my shopping needs.

Webb Peter

Absolutely not disappointed with the choice swissunion Consultants. Broker is really cool. Customer focus here at a very high level. Trading has been trading for several years and have no complaint. Recommend!

Blankenship Jordan

swissunion Consultants - Broker, which is suitable for beginners and for experienced traders. swissunion Consultants has long established itself in the market as an honest office, which trust thousands of customers. Personally, I have been with them for 5 years and have never had reasons to complain about something.

Wells Williamя

Good broker. There are no reasons for nothing. All transactions open instantly, processing takes a few minutes. There are several types of trading accounts, you can choose a convenient for you. The output of funds is carried out quite quickly.

Mills Oliver

This is one of the few brokers who are really worthy of the title of market leaders. I absolutely trust swissunion Consultants, they never failed me, and I cooperate with them for more than 8 years, so I can judge quite exactly. The only thing that would like to improve is the speed of processing transactions and withdraw money, but this is not fundamentally.

Wood John

Excellent and very fast service, pretty good with the output of the means.

Norman Brian

Free VPS is available, I heard that it is connected to the London Server. In any case ... it turned out to be effective. Even before I started using a professional account, the market performance was also not slow.

Morris Steven

Amazing deals from swissunion. Each respected trader knows that the risk ratio to remuneration is of paramount importance in trade, along with patience. swissunion Does both are almost perfect, RR on their deals are insane.

Henderson Nelson

The coherent functioning of the terminal, the quality of the help and the overall working environment left me happy and pleasantly surprised. We were able to close the orders that were already open. Profit can be removed without difficulty.

Lane Samuel

The broker is quite interesting, but it is pure MM. What is interesting, for 8 months of commerce, I did not encounter any strange price behavior, as it was with the popular "STP" brokers.

Williams Antony

I am glad that the transactional costs are not so huge as in the majority. The support service works perfectly, it is felt that we communicate with highly qualified specialists.

Whitehead Michael

I work with Swissunion Consultants for about 5 months and I certainly have something to praise this broker. Fast performance, good offer, no slippage and departures during operation. There were also no problems with the output of funds.

Flynn Robert

Common world-class broker. There is a license that speaks of its reliability and security. In general, the impression is very good. The best service of all I have seen.

Hood Joshua

This broker is good for scalping. Here is a good leverage and many different tools. At the moment I believe that this is the best offer for Forex.

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