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    Currency profit and loss: how to calculate and report?

    In this article we will consider how to calculate profit and loss in the Forex market. We will talk about the difference between realized and unrealized profit and loss, and how to account for profit and loss in financial statements.

    Why choose a TrustsCapital broker?

    TrustsCapital is a reliable broker that will suit players with any level of knowledge and starting capital. It offers clear conditions, fair cooperation and no hidden commissions or fees. In addition, Forex broker TrustsCapital has a 24/7 professional customer support service.

    Role of Capital in Investments

    Investment is the process of placing capital in various assets with the aim of generating future returns. Capital plays a key role in this process and influences the success of the investment. Let's take a look at how capital affects investment and why it is considered one of the major success factors in this field.