Overview of the Xming Q1 SE 1080P Wireless LED Mini Projector

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Xming Q1 SE is a wireless LED projector. It has a 1080P resolution, a sophisticated cooling system and two built-in speakers. The wide connectivity options make the Q1 SE projector very interesting for a variety of purposes. In particular, the wireless connection allows you to mirror the screen of a mobile device and display it over a large area.

The scope of delivery

The Xming Q1 SE package is very simple, but includes everything you need to work. This is a network adapter with an appropriate power cable and a very well-described user manual. To make the manual easier to read, images illustrating the various steps are inserted into it. The package includes a black remote control. The corresponding batteries are not included, they must be inserted before use.

Design and assembly

Externally, the Xming Q1 SE has a very compact design, so it requires a well-thought-out cooling system. To do this, the projector has perforated areas at the front and back that allow air to circulate inside. A fan mounted in the base draws in cold air from behind and expels heated air from the front. The fan is clearly audible, but it is drowned out by the sounds being played.

If you look closely at the front, you will immediately notice the contrasting color of the lens. It is edged with a silver stripe and gives the Q1 SE a sophisticated look. There is the aforementioned perforated area under the lens, which is important for the cooling system. The back panel also holds a surprise. All available connectivity options are located on the back of the device. These are USB 2.0, HDMI 1.4, audio jack and power cable connector. The power button is also located right next to the audio jack.

On the right and left sides there are even more perforated areas located in the upper half. Behind them are two 3-watt speakers, one on each side. In addition to the speakers, other components related to the cooling system are installed.

At the top there is a knob with which you can adjust the focus. This way you can control the lens and adjust the image on the far wall. On the underside there are four rubber feet that perfectly adhere to the surface. They protect against minor vibrations and provide a reliable grip on the surface. A screw is also built into the base. With it, the Xming Q1 SE can be mounted on a tripod, which will allow you to position the projector even more flexibly. Depending on the tripod, the design may be more or less shaky.

Connectivity options

For screen sharing or multimedia playback, the Xming Q1 SE offers several options. Let's start with the classic connection via an HDMI cable. The advantage of this option is that no remote control is required, since the image is transmitted immediately after the device is turned on. Moreover, images, videos, music or documents can be inserted and played directly through the USB port.

However, the main feature of the Xming Q1 SE is the wireless connection, which is possible from any Android or iOS device after a short connection to the home WLAN network. Just tap on the WLAN icon with the remote control and a choice will appear between iOS and Android, where you will select the desired system. A quick guide will appear showing the various steps. If you follow the instructions and connect the projector to a WLAN network, you can easily share the screen from your mobile device.


A black remote control is included to control the projector. It is absolutely necessary, since the device itself can only be turned on and off. The remote control performs a full set of functions. For example, it can be used to easily switch between signal sources, adjust the volume and adjust the parameters for yourself. Two AAA batteries are required for operation, which are not included in the package of the remote control.

Sound and video quality

1080p resolution combined with a projector does an excellent job of getting a clear image. Based on the default settings, we can say that the color saturation convinced us. With the help of several settings, the image quality can be adapted to your own needs and conditions. The projection size from 40 to 120" allows you to use the projector in a wide variety of areas.

Two built-in 3-watt speakers are responsible for the sound. Keep in mind that you should not expect a first-class sound. The sound is quite adequate and sounds rather flat and lifeless. Considering that the Xming Q1 SE is not a projector that you constantly install in your living room, but rather a device that allows you to hold presentations or watch movies in designated areas. Therefore, the installation of the speakers gave us a real pleasure. If your sound requirements become even higher, you can always connect the Q1 to an external audio system or other speakers.

Summary of Xming Q1 SE

Overall, the Xming Q1 SE is a solid kit with which periodic use is really enjoyable. It offers decent value for money, which makes it a real recommendation among LED mini projectors.

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