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 Pediainvest Scam forex broker

Before choosing a brokerage company, in order not to make mistakes, answer yourself the following questions.

  1. Bonus program and loyalty program offered by the broker.
  2. Leverage and margin requirements.
  3. Customer support, how accessible, professional and efficient?

Each of these questions is important for choosing a company for cooperation. We invite you to analyze each of them using the example of Pediainvest reviews.

In this article, we will learn how to look for a good broker and analyze your investment strategy. We take Pediainvest reviews about this broker as an example.

Pediainvest reviews: 1. Promotions and bonuses of the company

It is important for a trader to pay attention to company bonuses and promotions when choosing a broker. Traders tend to choose companies that not only offer good conditions, but also profitable promotional offers.

Usually, special promotional offers are developed for all types and levels of traders and may vary depending on the amount of investment, regularity of trading, and in-depth knowledge of Forex processes. User reviews say that bonuses and promotions not only attract traders to cooperation, but also allow the trader to get additional benefits. reviews: 2. Trade execution

Leverage is, in essence, borrowing capital in order to increase investment returns. In the Forex market, a broker can "loan" capital to a trader, which allows the latter to open significantly larger positions, as if he had more capital in his trading account. However, this also means that the trader will incur losses in the same proportion, as if his capital is much larger.

When you use leverage to open a position, you are borrowing capital, but the money is not actually credited to your account. However, you can see how the current result of the open position changes, because now each pip is worth more, and price movement in one direction or another can potentially bring a higher profit or loss. reviews: 3. Quality of customer support

Managers from the technical support service answer the questions of traders around the clock. Clients can contact support by phone or email. Support for traders is provided in different languages, including Russian, English, Italian, etc. To resolve trading and technical issues, you can contact the support service through the feedback form on the website or the hotline. To do this, you must leave your contact details and a text message, after which the manager will contact you.

Quality customer support is one of the key services of any broker.

Pediainvest reviews: 4. Security

A fundamental approach to security and strict principles are professed by companies located in Europe (primarily in Switzerland and Germany), the UK, the USA, Japan and Australia.

Pediainvest reviews say that the company meets all the criteria for a decent and reliable company for cooperation.

What clients say:

“I work with them, I can say that I had no problems. There are no questions about the trade itself, or about the withdrawal. Almost no contact with support. Except when registering. That's the only thing that bothered me, by the way. It didn't open up as fast as I would have liked. I had to provide a number of documents. But on the other hand, this suggests that they monitor security.”

“Broker is great. In all the time I have worked with them, I have not noticed anything bad. I like the terminal, analytics, information is updated in a timely manner. I have no problems with the withdrawal, the application is processed quickly.”

Comments (3)
Caldwell Thomas

NFP from July 2 was crazy. The strategy that I always used did not work on that day. The market declined very much before going up, which made the hunt behind the stop loss cut me at a loss. It happens from time to time. NFP is still the main news to which I pay attention. Stop loss stops me from big losses when he is not good.

Logan Norman

This company is excellent, I did not come across any problems with them.

Baldwin Damon

As for Pediainvest, this is a conscientious company that has been traded for 3 months, there are no special comments, except rare delays in orders.

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