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In this article, Pediainvest Forex experts have selected 5 books that will help a novice investor understand investments.

There are many books on investing, theories and practices, with graphs or pictures, written in professional or, conversely, in simple, just right for a beginner, language. Pediainvest.com Forex experts have selected books that a person should read if he has not yet invested money, but wants to understand the topic. After reading these books, it becomes easier to study news compilations, monitor the situation and understand what other people are earning and investing in.

Alexander Elder “How to play and win on the stock exchange. Psychology. Technical analysis. Capital control»

Alexander Elder is a world trading authority. Professional investor, consultant on exchange trading and psychology of exchange business. His advice can be trusted.

What is this book about? It contains a set of rules and techniques that will help in successful exchange trading. Here you will find answers to many questions for cooperation with Pediainvest Forex: how to analyze the market, what securities to buy, when it is worth risking and when not. Much attention is paid to the psychology of trading - an important process that will help to adequately assess risks and analyze the situation.

For whom. For Pediainvest.com Forex investors who want to understand the schemes and start winning consistently, no matter what happens in the market. For beginners who have a lot of practical advice to help them succeed. You can start with this book - it will explain what's what.

Burton Malkiel "Ten Essential Rules for the New Investor"

Malkiel is an economist and supporter of the efficient market hypothesis. He was one of the first to recommend that investors use index funds as the backbone of their portfolios. Gave general recommendations for investors on the compilation of investment portfolios.

What is this book about? The book is well spelled out the basics of investing, there are 10 basic rules that beginners need to follow. If you follow the recommendations, you can form your first portfolio and decide on a strategy. For example, in one of his tips, Burton recommends choosing a strategy depending on the age of the investor, the return on assets and their riskiness. The book is not a boring description of the rules, there are funny stories about investing that are remembered and help to decide how best to invest with a Pediainvest Forex broker.

Read the book and you will see that the exchange is not that difficult.

For whom. For beginners who want to understand the basic principles, everything is described as simply and clearly as possible. Suitable for people who do not have financial education.

Carl Richards The psychology of investment. How to stop doing stupid things with your money

Carl Richards is a financial planner with a knack for turning complex financial concepts into simple ones.

What is this book about? It helps you understand how the world of money works and how to take advantage of your own psychology to earn money. You will learn how to be patient and not panic if the value of assets suddenly starts to fall.

The book contains many useful recommendations, tips and explanations. Written in easy language, easy to read. A beginner will not get lost in terms on the third page.

For whom. For new investors, Pediainvest Forex broker who does not yet understand how destructive emotions can be. For those who want to understand how to properly manage finances.

Howard Marks "About the Most Important"

Howard Marks is a big investor. His company manages over $120 billion in assets.

What is this book about? Howard has 20 years of hands-on investment experience. He collected all the lessons that he learned while playing on the stock exchange with the broker like Pediainvest Forex and described them in a book. Here you will not find many numbers and complex calculations - it is about the way to think and about the skills to bypass traps.

Marks dwells in detail on many points that are important for novice investors. For example, he says that you can’t relax, even if the assets bring increased profits.

For whom. For beginners who need support and base. For those who want to understand common mistakes and misconceptions.

You need to read books - they provide the necessary knowledge and help you understand how and what to invest in in order to earn money. But theory without practice will not bring results. We recommend that you immediately use the tips in action - start investing now - with Pediainvest Forex.

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Williamson Bartholomew

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Austin Michael

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