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Experts from the British broker tell how the scammers "process" their victims: as told by analysts of TrendsTurbo scam begins with phone manipulation.

The transfer of many financial transactions online has its consequences: scammers adapt to any conditions and find loopholes to turn their dastardly schemes. And the financial services industry on the Internet remains very vulnerable - as we can see from the news reports, cyber police regularly encounter scams and scams online. The most simple people become victims: that is, it is not necessary to have millions for the villains to hunt you. Losing even two hundred dollars feels like fraud and misjustice, and the cases when a fraudster was caught is less than 30% of all - TrendsTurbo here mentiones European statistics.

TrendsTurbo Forex broker is one of the brokers that opened the platform for traders two years ago. At the same time, the general experience of the company's top managers is more than 10 years, and the TrendsTurbo brand appeared, when the team united to develop its trading platform.

Since today all stock markets are open to clients of TrendsTurbo, scam and its threats have become very relevant for the company's experts who conduct their research and keep statistics.

Why should scam experts study the fraud in the market?

The broker offers investment portfolios, and the price for the most affordable of them is only $ 250. In other words, there are many small investors among the clients of this company. As a rule, these are beginners. There are many novice traders among them. They are, according to the company's estimates, more often than others become victims of various scams. Firstly, because the stock exchanges have long remained a kind of "movie plot" for the CIS residents, because investors expect too much, and they know too little about the realities of the market. This is used by scammers.

Secondly, the villains, in turn, are actively interested in markets where there are many inexperienced players. For example, it is very common to use phone fraud when a client is persuaded to buy the account of a non-existent software service. Of course, such investments are then impossible to track down and return, and the "company account" is often the personal account of some rogue.

How do scammers manage to deceive traders so easily - people who value their savings? For this, according to scam avoiding experts, the fraudster resorts to psychological manipulation.

Psychological traps and scam: TrendsTurbo scam check

Each case of deception is “individual” - because the fraudster is looking for the client's weak points, trying to talk him about personal topics (about family, work, professional activity, interests). And along the way to find out the level of the victim's experience, ability to navigate the realities of the market, etc. According to the calculations of cyber police officers, it takes a fraudster from 7 to 23 minutes to “persuade” a victim to buy something from him. The numbers are, of course, frightening. More often than others, villains are believed by people under 28 and over 44 years old. Why is that? Obviously, young people easily believe in fairy tales about some market miracles and digital all-mighty algorithms, while inexperienced older traders are too tired to delve into the nuances of trading. But in general, one cannot succeed without training, because everyone should build their strategy separately, even a broker in this case is just an advisor, a consultant. Nobody takes and does not “invest your money successfully”, there are no magic software solutions or scripts: all such promises are lies. There is also a violation of the law - in any agreement with an honest broker, it is written that the company gives recommendations and is not responsible for the actions of the client who makes the main decisions about their money.

The most common methods of psychological pressure that work to ensure that a trader sends money to a fake service:

-      Inflated profits - the seller promises that the client will receive unrealistic benefits with its soft. At the same time, there is not a word that trading is not only about profits but also about risks and losses.

-      Incorrect examples - the seller cites as an example yesterday's growth in the shares of a certain large company and assures that his clients invested in these shares because of his software and received a lot of money. At the same time, there is no question of the fact that the shares of the same company were sagging in price earlier - after all, this is a common thing for the market.

-      False expectations - the seller calculates profit in advance, for a month or even a year, while taking as an example some hypothetical growth in the shares of a particular company. If we take into account that stocks rise and fall in price, sometimes significantly, and that a trader needs to know a lot to find a company that will actually rise, and that no software can predict market movements, then there will not be such an income.

-      The conversation is about a "technological company" with a "world name" and “well-known software products” - but the so-called company does not even have its own website, or it does not indicate ways to contact it.

-      Upfront installments are the easiest way to knock money off a client when they are persuaded to make an advance, for example, because "right now, the shares of Scam LTD are going up, and only ScamSoft can predict how long the trend will go on this way, so you can play on reverse." The client believes, gives money, and the seller disappears.

Pressure is a more sophisticated but common method of manipulation when moral pressure is exerted on the client. There are many varieties of it, but the most popular method is to put pressure on the feeling of an elusive opportunity. They can also put pressure on conscience, pity, greed, and even on the feeling of victim of circumstances.

Recipes for success are not always that complicated, and sometimes scammers do not even need some strong idea of a software - very often would-be traders believe in the existence of certain strategies for success that can be purchased for money and applied. Scammers sell the most common strategies in this way (which any legitimate broker-manager will teach any newcomer), but they take the payment in advance. It turns out that the client buys a pig in a poke, he has a strategy, but there is no entry to the exchange. There is nowhere to trade, and the strategy will not work yet - because it needs to be built differently every time, focusing on trends. So actually there are no happy recipes.


In order not to become a victim of fraud, you need to be wise when choosing a broker and learn a lot. Only with reliable broker like you’ll be able to trade safely.

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Melton Wilfred

I was advised to work with Trendsturbo by a colleague from work. His whole family lives by trading, his father, brother, he even taught his wife to trade. She sits at home with the children and looks after it while he is at the office or on the road. He said that the broker is not very popular yet, so the system works smoothly and does not hang because of the influx of traders. And the conditions for scalping, respectively, everything is there. So it turned out, and the speed is excellent, and orders are executed without sags. Statistics updated immediately. Putting / withdrawing money is not a problem at all. They enter at the current rate in a few minutes, they take out in 30 minutes. It took me up to two hours once. There is no commission. Verification once before the first output.

Patrick Nicholas

Trendsturbo I chose for reviews in the internet. Before that, I traded with Alpari, but it did not go. Here I liked all the trading conditions, simplicity, speed, good analytics and decent service. The basic package costs $ 250, there are three higher tariffs, they are more expensive and their content corresponds to the level. But the quality of service, leverage of 1: 300 and static spreads are the same for all packages. They consult in general as gods, the guys obviously practice constantly and in the know of all the nuances of the actual moment. Managers rescued me more than once in a drawdown when I was shocked and did not understand how to close. It is a pity that there are obviously few of them there, not to get through the first attempt.

Porter Scott

Before registering at Trendsturbo, I meticulously compared spreads for my currencies with all top brokers. It turned out that there is no point in going to the most promoted brands, and it’s better to get more buns from a not very busy young company on the same indicators. There are a lot of currency pairs here, static spreads, competent technical support, showed themselves from the best side, quotes are sane, why look for something else? The reliability of the platform MetaTrader 4 with a flexible system of settings has been tested over the years of trading, all the conditions are as promised. For a couple of months of work there were no system crashes, communication breaks or conflicts with managers. But it’s impossible to get through the phone on the first attempt, it’s worth adding other channels of operational communication.

Watson Edward

I had no complaints about the conditions for working with the brokerage service VTB24, but at the moment I was tired of messing with papers. I tried several other options, less well-known, until I reached the young broker Trendsturbo. Here, all the paperwork is minimized, it is necessary to verify only once before the first withdrawal, everything is done online and by phone. Well, is it not a miracle? Input quickly at the current rate of the bank, without commission. It takes up to an hour to file a bid and withdrawal, and there is also no commission, not counting the banking fee. Adequate quotes, fixed spreads, low starting threshold, all key currency pairs, affiliate program. There is no training material and one could expand the range of financial instruments.

Wade Matthew

I'm a fan of sharp analytics! My friend pressured on this my weak point offering to register at the Trendsturbo broker with him ))) a friend should be trusted, so I opened an account, deposit three hundred dollars and began watching how the trade started automatically, and then examine the performance of the entire system. The execution speed is decent, the MetaTrader 4 platform is full of the right tools, nothing hangs and fails. And the analytics is excellent, and the tech support is sensible. The terminal, by the way, works both on a computer and through a native application on smarts, a very handy thing. I would also like to add contests and tournaments, not enough to be honest.

Summers Darrell

I came to Capital Forex broker with almost no experience. Before that, I studied on demo accounts of other brokers, tested different strategies, experimented with quotes. I tried to systematize all the knowledge in my head and finally bring out some method of net profit. Trendsturbo is a young broker, but this company is founded by expert traders with great experience who know all the pitfalls of trading. As I understand it, they wanted to make a clear, convenient system for earning that is suitable for everyone, from noobs like me to the highly experienced oil and gold traders. The basic plan costs $ 250, I put three hundred. I always have time to top up, the main thing is to learn how to get profit. Leverage is 1: 300, withdrawal is commission free. At first I was scared, then I figured it out. Support helped a lot, although it doesn’t always work to get through quickly. The profit came in a couple of months, three times already I outputed on the card, very quickly, from half an hour till two hours.

Wilson Christopher

I chose Trendsturbo because of fairly low spreads and MetaTrader 4 terminal. This is my favorite platform and I just don’t want to change it for anything else. Trade since September, and satisfied. Minimally everything is there for stable operation. Static spreads, sane quotes, all the necessary currency pairs, input at the current rate, output quickly and in any volume, there is no commission. Adequate approach to clients, managers have never been rude to me even in the most tense days. In the organization of all the work there is a certain confidence of experienced financiers who clearly know their business. It is a pity that there are no webinars and training material, I think it would be useful for beginners.

Daniel Joshua

It became uncomfortable for me to trade in Finam because of the increased spreads for my pairs. Weighed all the pros and cons, and decided to look for something more profitable. Opened an account at Trendsturbo, like the norms broker, albeit recently on the market. Spreads are almost equal to the market, maybe slightly lower, static. There is no broker fee for withdrawal and deposit. Only one terminal meta trader 4. In general, everything is ok. You can withdraw on the card, wallet and account.

Leonard Hector

Started working with Trendsturbo in April. Until now, there have been no problems, everything is more or less calm and solvable. Order execution is fast, clear, requotes are rare, managers do not interfere with the account, there were no system departures. Quotes correspond to the market, fixed spreads, all key currency pairs are present. Adequate support, only impossible to get through on the first try. Add a chat on the site or staff, obviously it’s time to expand. It is clear that it is not necessary for all managers to sit on the phone around the clock, but it’s wrong to have a client wait 10 minutes on the line in the daytime. It would be worth to add some trifles like bonuses for topping up and tournaments. Many people like it.

Bryan Osborn

Broker as a broker, there are not enough stars from the sky and land of milk and honey does not promise. But what is stated in the program texts fulfills, all the trading conditions as written. As I understand it, Trendsturbo was created by experienced financial traders. So do not pay attention to the creation date of the company. More important is the thoughtful process of organization and support competence. There are no questions to the technical side either. The system works quickly, orders are executed almost instantly, not counting slowdowns with volatility. Static spreads are adequate, quotes are also sane. No commission for input and output. Only four user tariffs, but on the base there is a quite accessible entrance threshold. You can withdraw any available amount. The management should think about updating the site, it's time to add online support, expand the range of options for withdrawal of funds and possibly attract one more trading platform. Entertainment content doesn't interest me. But webinars would be useful to everyone, especially educational videos from experienced players.

Reeves Reginald

And did you notice how quickly the glory of a good broker spoils when he gets to the rating positions? Pathos immediately begins, the quality of services falls, and prices rise. Well, that's what happened to me. There was one very respected broker in the country, oh ... I left and have no regrets. Well at least managed to withdraw money. Opened an account with a young broker Trendsturbo. Well, let's check my concept again))) Trading conditions are completely fine with me, ordering is clear, fast. The starting rate includes all the tools I need. There is no commission for replenishment and withdrawal. All needed pairs are here, there is something to trade. MetaTrader 4 platform works reliably. Deposite to start three hundred dollars. Pay off after three months and went into the plus.

Morgan Timothy

Chose Trendsturbo because of static and relatively low spreads. I am satisfied with the quality of work. Intelligent support, usually helps to resolve difficult situations. They pulled me out of the drawdown, I then got off easy. Once I got to lock and did not know how to get out. Thank you for telling me, I almost didn't merged, there was a very small minus, I quickly recovered later. I would like more indexes and indicators in the terminal.

Wiggins Edward

Improved trust management service interface and investment accounts. Very comfortable and beautifully became visible and equity, and the balance can be displayed, and the account load is as a histogram or in the form of candles. Very clearly.

Bryant George

Changes IMHO for the better.

Stewart John

The week sculpted on the euro / Jena - it goes normally, the connection is not lost. While 1,5k in Claus, I will increase the lot from Monday.

Reynolds Anthony

Hello! I want to say that Trends Turbo reliable and very good company and the main thing is that no delays and fraud

Lucas Peter

I really like Trends Turbo, I can't get over to anything, but not so long ago, I'm there to make global conclusions. We will see. I hope that everything will be further type. I still wanted to say that they painted another millionaire, and no complaints about the output of money and the like. It is very encouraging.

Houston Quentin

Trends Turbo really won't throw, there is confidence in this. And any win will pay. As for the execution of orders, I did not understand. Norms are executed. And the price is available, what passions are written here. The account content as everywhere is free. It was about an inactive for more than half a year, the expense was filmed 5 bucks, but this has long been canceled.

Eaton Brian

Are you starting right now? I'm still on a demo account. I want to understand what the basic functionality is. I have read that advanced users have a cool selection of different functions.

Patterson Mark

Let's do without grusel stories. In the reviews of each platform there will definitely give someone who is dissatisfied with something. Newcomers have high expectations, no experience in trade, respond to the slightest movement on the market and hurry to sell out of their stupidity. Do not believe every rating, convince yourself!

Lambert Evan

Okay, I'll tell you because you're a beginner. You should not rush in the pool immediately with your head. Start with a demo. Take part in a basic course. Listen to advice, read - many people share their experiences. Then just do your thing!

Dixon Calvin

Here you can sit on the demo account as long as you want. The technology is like me. This does not affect the trade. I already do a profit.

Joseph Harvey

Experienced dealers do so as if they were born with this experience! Where is the solidarity? In fact, all have started somewhere. This service is a good start.

McLaughlin Williamя

I only practice. I can not advise nothing. I study the market and broker services. Everything seems attractive here. It seems to be many satisfied users. We will see.

Boone Corey

So I do not agree with you! Yes, do you offer no debt limit of 1: 100. Do you mean that seriously? Would you like to bury yourself in a debt hole? Here, unreal positions are eliminated in time. I believe that this is only for careless dealers. It's like the hand of a father that keeps you from making a stupid decision.

Shelton Peter

I acted for three months and at that time a total of about 60% of my original deposit as a profit. There was once when I had to wait 10 hours on my withdrawal, all others went quickly and easily.

Merritt Bruno

Well familiar with the platform and its possibilities. Other conditions of the company are less important for me than the ability to work with the usual software, and, openly, I am completely satisfied with the service I get here

Parsons Thomas

Tested and approved. I want to stay here for a while

Warren Edgar

Have almost every account you have checked. Now on gold. This has the most profitable spreads, especially for scalping, and the company allows scalping, which is the best trade option for me.

Watkins Austen

Have more than three trades a day, always in dynamic and always try to get me some other trading options. No encountered problems with the terminal or the conditions, so I can say, I enjoy my experience here.

Snow Scot

I was sorry to look at the demo account as in a video game, so I changed to a real one. The best thing a company has is the opportunity to ask a living person a question and get a statement.

Wilkerson Edward

I work with this broker for 3 months and everything was so far. I like the customer service here, the conditions are also okay. If nothing changes, I remain.

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