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TrendsTurbo review - Trading terminal and web interface.

We are talking about TrendsTurbo. It is a well-known global CFD and Forex online platform provider with a wealth of experience, insight, and reputation in the industry. They aim to provide traders with a one-stop-shop where they can access a full range of trading products on global markets. One of the main reasons why traders prefer TrendsTurbo is the ease of trading CFDs in metals, forex, indices, stocks, and futures from a single account

Where TrendsTurbo reviews were collected

In our review, we rely on the reviews of traders from Europe. These reviews help to see the complete picture of the site's work about the quality of the company's services.

Most of the feedback was taken from Trustpilot and Facebook, as well as forex broker rating sites.

Sam Cordier, 47, production technologist, Lyon (France):

I want to say that you do not often meet brokers who have been working for so long, while still managing not to lose their name and continue to actively develop. I have changed a lot in my life several times and also started and stopped trading several times. Now I am actively trading again and the TrendsTurbo company also pleases me with its services and services as before. I hope that I will continue to be lucky with this broker as of now. Besides, the withdrawal is very fast. I recommend everyone to work with TrendsTurbo. reviews and a summary of the site

1) The site has a simple and convenient interface;

2) The site has all the necessary information that a client needs to get to know the company;

3) The types of accounts that are suitable for both beginners and large investors are indicated (from 250 to 50 thousand dollars)

4) The types of assets that clients can trade are listed: Currency Pairs; Indices; Metals; Energies; Futures; Shares.

5) Extensive description, instructions and download link for possible platforms: MetaTrader4 Terminal;

MetaTrader4 Mobile; MetaTrader4 Web; MetaTrader4 for macOS.

6) All the necessary documentation can be found in the documents section.

Web platform and terminal: TrendsTurbo reviews and ratings

For seasoned and skilled traders, MT4 is the world's leading trading site. The TrendsTurbo MT4 trading platform for commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices can be downloaded easily.

The benefits of trading commodities, forex, stocks, and indices with MT4 are too numerous to mention. But personalization and customization are two of the most significant.

Web Platform: Secure Online Access review

Trade just about anywhere anytime that the markets are open with three industry-leading platforms. You can access web trader with any device that has an internet connection. Highly respected WebTrader is part of the MT4 Meta Trader suite of world-class trading platforms.

Use advanced charting tools and indicators to manage your risk and better determine price direction. You can take guided tours through the platform and trade execution.

Using dynamic WebTrader, you can trade from any device by simply signing into your account on site — no downloads, and it is fast and easy.

Stefania Tarantino, 38 years old, Bergamo (Italy), fitness instructor:

"I learned about the markets back in 2019, and since then I have been trading on the exchange. TrendsTurbo is cool for several reasons, firstly, the availability of licenses, and secondly, good trading conditions and a convenient trading terminal. Thirdly, any issues are resolved very quickly through technical support. I have no complaints about the broker, I can safely recommend cooperation."

Terminal: security and simplicity

The benefits of trading commodities, forex, stocks, and indices with MT4 are too numerous to mention. But personalization and customization are two of the most significant. The MT4 platform has a wide range of customization options, enabling traders to customize the platform to their unique trading needs and habits. This includes the ability to use MT4's advanced proprietary MQL programming language to build Expert Advisors and technical indicators.

Mobile trader - application for round-the-clock access

The app's users will be able to trade when on the go. However, the functionality of the mobile application varies slightly from that of the MT4 edition for desktop computers. Unlike traders who use the desktop edition of MT4, users of the smartphone app would not be able to use expert advisors (EAs).

On a positive note, owners of trial accounts will still use the solution. The MT4 mobile app is one of the best available, with all of the features and responsiveness that a trader needs. 


TrendsTurbo reviews show that the broker is a reliable company, full information about which you can get by examining the site. Having decided to become a broker, you can choose the right tool for the job. If you run into difficulties, the support team will come to your aid.

Comments (30)
McDaniel Asher

I have experience with Qwik. After it, it was difficult for me to rearrange under MetaTrader. But when I went through all the functionality, I was able to evaluate the flexible, customizable terminal system. Trendsturbo broker's tools are not as rich as I would like, but for a confident start this is enough. The system is stable, trading conditions do not change, static spreads, mid-market quotes, no commission for I / O, fast execution of orders. Withdraw funds in an hour, even less. There is an affiliate program.

Casey Sydney

I have been trading with Trendsturbo forex broker for over a year now, I like that the broker offers a wide range of products to be traded. Of course, without experience, it will be difficult for you to immediately start trading oil or gold, but there are lots of other goods, food, raw materials. There is a large selection of currency pairs, you can work with cryptocurrency too, but only with a proven one. The broker himself is not a scammer and does not allow fraudsters to make a business on it. Static spreads, on average, are the same or slightly lower than market rates. Within the limits of your deposit, you can turn any volumes, and there are also no problems with withdrawal of funds: quickly and without commission. Terminal MetaTrader 4 gives you all the tools you need, you can work from a computer, tablet or smart. The only moment that is incomprehensible to me is that could not install on macbook. Had to do an emulator. But the terminal works without bugs and sags, and that is good.

Dickerson Christopher

Trading with Trendsturbo broker since late spring. All promised trading conditions are fulfilled. The system is stable, the managers do not interfere, from the technical side everything is a bang. There are static spreads within the stated limits, slippage, but during the period of volatility the situation is not chaotic, especially with the Metatrader terminal4. There is no commission for input / output, withdrawal is prompt with any volume. The support is competent, it seems they trade all the time. Account verification is carried out before the first withdrawal. I had to spend a certain amount of time on it, I think it should be so at the request of safety standards.

Small Cecil

The previous broker had frequent breakdowns and interruptions in communication, so I decided to switch to another. Stopped at the Trendsturbo. It was recommended to me that everything was without cheating, and the conditions were generally pleasant. Although before that I practically did not meet the information about this broker in the network. Well, maybe purely by chance, I saw the reviews. It turns out that the company has been operating for more than two years, or something, and is stable. Here I anchor for last three months. The broker works transparently, not fraud. I have never seen any managers drawing left-handed spiers or interfering in the state of the account. I do not have enough choice and opportunities for withdrawal, but also tournaments and webinars.

Rogers Jordan

In the summer with cross-references, I went to the rating of young brokers. There was free time and interest, so I read all the info, matched, and hooked on the trading conditions of Trendsturbo. I thought that here you can comfortably try to start working with real transactions. The company was created by skilled traders with many years of exchange experience, while IMHO there are no fictional promises just for show, and everything looks transparent. I also compared quotes for a couple of days. Finally, I signed up, and everything went quickly. I have been trading since July. Everything works as stated in the program texts. Static spreads, average market quotes, about 50 currency pairs, you can choose what to trade. There is no commission for depositing / withdrawing, withdrawal is fast, not more than an hour While starting, I've had my eye carefully on the terminal MetaTrader 4, but I mastered it quickly. Technical support gave all the necessary information. I would like more options for withdrawal.

Osborne George

I left the native Alpari after increasing the spreads at the end of last winter. Long surfing Internet to choose a replacement. In the end, I decided to try to build relationships with the new (and not very well-known in the market) Trendsturbo broker team. The feedback was mostly positive, but there was little information. Therefore, at first I talked a lot with technical support, tested their level of competence. I didn’t win))) The system works stably, there are practically no disconnects, static spreads do not give jumps to the storm, slippage can be controlled thanks to the settings of the Metatrader 4 terminal. All the most important currency pairs are presented, average market quotes. Support is clearly worth thinking about expanding the state, because it is impossible to get through on the first attempt. In addition, what kind of communication means is a telephone and an email, some kind of past century. Funds are entered at the current bank rate within minutes, withdrawn in 30-45 minutes, all without commission.

Reed Williamя

My last broker raised commissions by summer and has replaced the tariff plans, the most pleasant were removed. I was offended and left))) in the summer I rested, and by the fall I was already seriously looking for a new broker. It’s a long time to describe how I chose, in the end I settled on Trendsturbo and have never regretted it yet, after all the intuition is a strong thing. There are only four tariff plans here, especially not have to choose. But very competent support and excellent analytics. Order execution, input / output - everything flies, if you want to scalp - go ahead. If you have experience with MetaTrader - even better. I had to get used to it, but I managed)) the broker kept all the promises. He promised - there are no tournaments and promotions, and there are none))) in fact, the company works transparently, managers do not make extra gestures in the account, they helped me to get out of the drawdown with the least harm to the budget. Profit grows and it pleases.

Nichols Dustin

This is normal: when you just start to trade, do not worry yet, it always seems that the broker specially personally opposes the price. It all seems so at first. Then passes.

Carroll Anthony

I have long been with Trends Turbo. Conditions consider very good. I can not complain about the failure of orders or serious slippers - in this respect everything is clear. This is the main thing that you need from the broker. Reliability in the first place.

Walker Peter

Most green only left, now on MT4 trading. It was possible immediately but the start is really easier. I liked it does not need extra calculations. Sloved the truth, but experience too. Now at MT4 already 250% picked up I do not know, I do not know or even choose :)

Potter Morris

I trade at Trends TurboE on the real deposit soon a year and a half, since November earned more than seventy percent of the capital (laid 10,000 dollars). Here is the result - in April and June brought money without problems, on the day of appeal) - first 1,500 thousand, then 1,500 transferred to the bank card (lost about 3 percent of the commissions), and very superbly took money from the ATM earned on Forex. Here you have a divorce kitchen. And this is still insufficient profit, because from the main work anyway, I still can not quit, although I dream about it. Think what you want.

Blair Christopher

Swaps are too much, but I am ready to put up with them, the main thing is not because I don't hold any transactions, but because the rest is fine and reliably, better than anywhere else.

Garrison Williamя

I gave me money here without any problems. About 10k bucks. And pounded on the score 3k. It can be stated that with a growing account without problems, there were no pylons. He took off too freely.

Robbins Oliver

Mas fans can be satisfied - Trends Turbo launched the first platform for this OS.

Gray Donald

In my opinion, the trade may not be the only way to earn money. However, this is a good opportunity for passive income. Only it will take a lot of time. That's why I reach back to the help of a broker. And it is very important to me that there is the possibility to work from a mobile phone.

Hart Thomas

Everything is well furnished here. The support is very sincere. Many cool features. At least one attempt is worth! I have been working with this service for 3 months.

Parrish Milton

If you feel like more, ask these guys what you can offer you. With short interest rates and low spreads you can earn good money. You have many ways to increase your profit, if you are willing to take the risk. But do not risk anymore than you are ready to lose. This is a law that every dealer needs to remember.

Gibbs Peter

Spreads are the main argument for choosing this broker. So far I have never suffered a loss. So I plan to increase the amount of my investment.

Griffith Luke

People, are the specified conditions? Did you see such prices somewhere else? I will trade with this broker. Tell me, are you fine here?

Shields Steven

I have selected this broker for the very favorable conditions for cooperation. I especially like that there are moderate commissions that have real opportunities for a good profit. If you know other such profitable brokers, please share them. I can only recommend this.

Armstrong Mark

I suggest quitting the quarrel and starting with the trade! That's the market! Someone loses. Normally made of stupidity or panic. No panic! Go to trade, trust your mediator.

Willis Brian

It's like cycling: If you have learned it, you can not forget it anymore. It's my third broker, and it looks like I have finally found this time, after which I was looking for.

Thompson Mitchell

I want to tell the story of my cooperation with the company. I started about four months ago and had difficulty with the terminal. In the network there is a lot of information about MetaTrader, I have downloaded several instructions and spent two days to try it - just to get a complete confusion of charts, indicators and numbers on the issue. In the end I called the support and we have cleaned everything for about three minutes. The main thing is that the trade is much easier than to set it up.

Richardson Dwayne

I still feel that I have happened like a movie or something. I started acting three weeks ago, did not democrat, but charged the bronze account. I had a demo account at another company, and the worst thing was that I had no feeling of real market. So this time I put my own money pure, so I have to be more careful, and that makes sense. And yet it's hard to believe when I look at my first earned Euros.

Marsh John

I wanted to try to work as a trader, I took the time to search for information on the internet and I'm simply drowned in charts and details. So I would like to thank the company for the help of education, otherwise I would not know where to start. Spreads are also here my second favorite at trading

Spencer Joseph

Have everything withdrawn because I was released during the quarantine. I am very satisfied that I had to do that. I will come back when everything is over

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