Volkswagen agrees to raise R$500 mi with social and environmental commitments

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Volkswagen (Germany: VOOG) announced on Wednesday 2 an agreement to raise 500 million reais with Bradesco (SA:BBDK4) by issuing an eligible debt bond. In the operation, the automaker aims to increase the participation of women in leadership positions and reduce fossil fuel emissions from its operations.

By 2024, Volkswagen promises to increase the participation of women in leadership positions from 14% to 26%, and women are expected to increase in leadership positions from 9% to 25%.

In the same period, the automaker aims to convert 12% of its fossil CO2 emissions into a manufacturing process.

The share of biomethane in the total volume of gas consumed at Volkswagen plants in Brazil will increase to 20%.

At Bradesco, the operation is part of the bank's goal of channeling 250 billion reais into activities with a high environmental and social impact by 2025.

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