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In the past few years, investors have seen an increase in the number of investment opportunities and offers. Such investments vary in complexity and success, technological innovations have made the Forex market one of the fastest growing. Many top forex brokers are reporting a 500% increase in new retail customers. However, the growth of the Forex market has been accompanied by a sharp increase in foreign exchange fraud.

With the help of experts from ChaseCapitalOnline scam can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can deny the possibility that scam.

Experts from ChaseCapitalOnline Scam is easy to prevent: Spot spread scam

Many of these fraudulent schemes are advertised on radio, television, newspapers and the Internet. Investors who fall prey to these scams often lose all their money. Let's clarify this by considering the details of a recent case of Forex fraudulent activities and their consequences. Mr. W learned about the possibility of foreign exchange trading from radio advertisements. Mr. K, the owner of a forex asset management firm, advertised to promise his clients substantial returns with minimal risk. After listening to a commercial, W contacted K and then attended a seminar hosted by K and his firm. The workshop was so compelling that W wrote K a check for $ 100,000.

A few months later, W received a (false) notice from Firm K that his initial investment of $ 100,000 had generated a large return. After that, we attended another workshop and decided to invest even more money. W took out a loan and invested another $ 800,000 in the trading operations of firm K. Sometime later, the US Securities and Exchange Commission filed a lawsuit against K and his firm for participating in a scheme to defraud investors. Firm K's assets were blocked, including $ 900,000 invested by W. The Defendant was ordered to distribute the remaining assets of Firm K among the defrauded investors. The assets were distributed on a pro rata basis with no legal preference to the victims of the deception. Since K did not have enough assets to cover the damage in full, W received only 22,000 of the 900,000 invested by him.

Since a whole book can be devoted to the various tactics and techniques used by the forex deception masters, we will focus on the signs by which you can recognize fraudsters that should be avoided.

Experts ChaseCapitalOnline scam protection tips: promise of little or no risk

If you come across a firm claiming that the strategy it has developed is risk-free or risk-free, stay away from it. The reason Forex trading is so profitable is the high risk of incurring losses. The Forex market is extremely volatile and, without proper money management, an investor can lose most of his capital, if not all of his capital in a few days. Thus, individuals or firms that make promises that are far from the realities of the market, such as risk-free Forex trading, are just hunting your wallets.

Guaranteed huge profits

Advice from ChaseCapitalOnline scam check team: Beware of firms that guarantee huge profits from forex trading. The so-called “guarantees” are just tricks to attract investors, which will make them believe that their money is safe and will bring huge profits for sure. Such promises are simply false, as even the best professional traders cannot guarantee that they will make a profit on any particular day. The Forex market, like most financial markets, is very unpredictable. Therefore, you should be suspicious of such statements and those who make them.

Job advertisements for forex traders

Many trading firms use job advertisements to attract people with capital to trade using their systems. Job advertisements, which often appear in newspapers and on the Internet, state that the foreign exchange firm is looking for people to train them in the foreign exchange market using the firm's funds. Those who respond to such announcements are confident that they will be successful in currency trading if they participate in the firm's training program. During the educational process, which often includes a demo system, beginners are convinced that the results of their trading with the demo system indicate that they are ready to make real money and will succeed in the market. Despite the newbie's inspiring appraisal of being a brilliant trader, he is not provided with the capital of the firm. Instead, it is proposed to invest their own funds in Forex trading using the firm's platform. Apart from the various fees for using a proprietary platform, such a firm also makes money as a broker. Every time a novice trader trades using the firm's system, a significant portion of the broker's spread is credited to the firm's account. After a few months, the novice trader loses all his capital and leaves the market. A firm that capitalized on a short trader's career as a newbie seeks new clients and continues to grow rich.

None of these signs when studying the site indicated that scam.

ChaseCapitalOnline experts say that if a forex broker is pooling funds or restricting the withdrawal of clients' funds, this could be an indicator that something suspicious is going on. Therefore, you should be extremely careful when choosing a broker for cooperation.

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Young Dwayne

Highly recommend. This company is a good brokerage brand. They have a strong market forecast and they always give good trading tips.

Logan Lee

I like to trade with this broker. Offers are really good. I also never had problems with services. Everyone is very effective.

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Excellent broker. Very good and secure. They do not have cent accounts, not so easy to start with a big deposit if you are new. But there is a good demo account. They also have a lot of educational material. There is no complaints about quality complaints, all at the highest level.

Gallagher Anthony

I work with them almost from the very beginning. Within a few weeks, there was really a problem with Dax, but after that they corrected her, as promised, and since then everything was quiet. In addition to this case, chasecapitalonline Consultants has no equal on the market. Pros: Quickness withdrawals, good customer service, low spreads and commissions.

Matthews Nathaniel

The broker is pretty good, the proposal is interesting with good spreads and the rapid execution of orders. Huge respect!

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Very good trading conditions are the undoubted advantage of this broker. Support is also very good. Payments on time.

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Quick, friendly and without problems

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Personally, I have no enthusiasm, as they say, do not be fascinated and will not have to be disappointed. They make their business on me, I do my business on them. While we have Win-Win, that is, my trade suits me and their commissions for sure too. So, I think, I can consider them a good broker. That is, those where having a vehicle and your head can be earned, everything else is not for me.

Webster David

chase capital online A rather young broker, but the prospect in it is big. I started work recently, for the third month I trade through their terminal. Of the advantages that he allocated for himself are access to large markets in the USA, Europe and Asia, the possibility of trading with the credit shoulder, a large selection of assets, favorable conditions regarding commissions and high transactions. In general, for active and productive trading, there are all conditions.

Hood Archibald

It is very convenient that the replenishment and withdrawal of funds are easily available and occur using bank cards or all kinds of payment systems and wallets.

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