Orban: Ukraine is actually asking to block the Hungarian economy

Ukraine wants to block Hungary Visitors: 999

In fact, Ukraine demands a complete shutdown of the Hungarian economy, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Sunday, referring to the postulates on banning the import of Russian energy resources to the EU.
"What Ukrainians are asking for is nothing more than a demand that we completely stop the Hungarian economy, lose all the years of development again and that Hungarian economic results fall to the level of 8-10 years ago," Orban said on the radio. Kossuth.

He added that he would do everything to help Ukrainians, because they were attacked, and the Hungarian-Ukrainian disputes over the rights of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine in such a situation are of secondary importance. "We will do everything in our power, but they cannot demand that we destroy ourselves for their sake," he said.

He stressed that when it comes to energy supplies, the problem for Hungary is not whether they are ready to pay a little more for energy to support Ukraine, because they would be ready for this, but whether this energy will reach them at all.

He stressed that Hungary imports 61 percent of crude oil and 85 percent of natural gas, while Hungarian refineries are adapted to this type of crude oil, and their transfer to another type will take several years.

He added that not only Hungary, but also Germany and Austria opposed the extension of sanctions against Russia to the energy sector.

Regarding the Ukrainian proposal to close the airspace for Ukraine, he expressed the conviction that this term sounds as if it is enough to lock the room with a key, and we are talking about an air war.

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