Trading with Stocks Wide: overview and account types of the broker

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To trade Forex, cryptocurrencies or commodities, the chosen broker must be feature-rich, reliable and user-friendly. What does Stocks Wide offer traders? Let's review the broker's services - its features, advantages and disadvantages.

What products does Stocks Wide offer?

The broker is tested by time. For more than a decade, traders have been making money with Stocks Wide and using its wide range of products. For traders to choose from, Stocks Wide offers trading in indices, timber, precious metals, grain and cryptocurrencies. There is no limit to the choice of trades on the Stocks Wide website, as the range is constantly expanding to meet demand. The variety ofStocks Wide account typesgives you the opportunity to choose assets to your liking.

Stocks Wide accounts offered

An important indicator when choosing a broker is freedom of choice and minimum restrictions. Anyone can start trading with $500 and withdraw the maximum server's kush of $250000. For beginners there are demo accounts, and for pros - premium class.

Stocks Wide account types:

The broker offers 24-hour support and a well-established helpdesk. Introductory sessions and analyst support are available for beginners. For premium accounts, weekly analytics are available.

Managed Account Types are available to customers:

The convenience of these accounts lies in the added value services and support of experienced advisers who monitor results and offer a tailor-made portfolio for clients. The support and service is generated from the initial deposit.

Stocks Wide trading platform and website

By accessing the Stocks Wide website, traders have access to an informative market and analysis base, the convenience and simplicity of the site is pleasing. Analytical tools for technical analysis and forecasting are available for everyone. Trading is based on MetaTrader 4, a proven platform.

The main advantage of the website is stability and speed of response during active trading sessions. The platform is suitable for scalping and other strategies that require a fast and stable system. Large number of users and cumbersome tools do not overload or slow down the platform. A well-functioning system of updates on mirror servers ensures smooth and active operation of the platform.

Stocks Wide market spreads

Trading profitability is an important indicator of a broker. The Stocks Wide market spread is at or below the average market spread, making it possible to profit from even small price movements, guaranteeing profits. A well-functioning Stocks Wide spread system allows you to make good profits and not go into deficit.

But the Stocks Wide spread review - it is better to control it yourself. You should not trust the structures of the jurisdiction or third parties entirely.

Disadvantages of Stocks Wide

The Stocks Wide strategy manager review revealed several shortcomings. Namely weak and slow support service not in English. English proficiency is important for exchange trading, but you want to get the most convenient service.

For a legal broker, there is one more limitation - withdrawal in cryptocurrency is not possible at the moment due to legal restrictions. We hope this is temporary and it will be possible to use bitcoins in our market.

Stocks Wide Independent Reviews

A Stocks Wide review reddit noted the broker's good reputation among traders. The review noted an excellent knowledge base, illuminating many exchange issues. But Reddit moderators do not always have time to remove black PR, spam and slander.

A more reliable and important source is the Stocks Wide review trustpilot. It is worth noting that this review highlights a number of the broker's strengths. Stocks Wide has not received any scathing comments on this resource over the years and its wide client base. This adds to the confidence in the reliability of this broker. 

In future broker analyses and reviews, we recommend basing ourselves on Stocks Wide review trustpilot, where the work of the moderators is more streamlined, timely and competent.

Comments (20)
Brooks Trevor

If you use Stocks wide and you can wait to use your money only when you need it. This is a way to make your money work for you and live on interest. Or if you need cheaper crypto loans with an amazing remuneration program. This is a place for you.

Fisher Matthew

Stocks wide offers access to markets around the world, I never came across promotions that were not on Stocks wide. Stocks wide It is very intuitive to use, in addition, their customer support service is very useful. Since then it was the best brokerage experience!

Daniel Mark

Stocks wide This is a very wonderful application. The best application for savings and earrings. Allows you to store and save all your money by earning interest on them. Allows you to take cash at 6% and lend money to 12.5%. The abstracts give you 10% of referral bonuses and the ability to earn icons. Stocks wide allows you to win a lot of money in the lottery.

Kelly John

I have been working with Stocks wide for almost 2 years, and I was able to quit my job and devote myself to trade on Forex without leaving my own home. I studied his strategies that he teaches using VIP signals, and I used 10K call signals, which are the most profitable signals that I have ever seen. I could not thank him sufficiently, and I will continue to copy his trading signals and use his services for life. The greatest forex company on Earth !!!!!

Carter Thomas

You can also bring it to the card for free if the return is carried out on the same card with which there was replenishment of the balance. This is a small information for those who did not know about this condition for Stocks Wide.

Cobb Rudolf

Through Stocks Wide, access to all the necessary markets is open. Money can be withdrawn in the usual way and through an urgent conclusion, then it is withdrawn faster. The commissions are moderate.

Sherman Richard

Not to say that what is right, but I analyze. Stocks Wide did not notice the tricks of the broker. Norms broker. In short, I practice so far, I use professional analytics from their analytical portal. I trade mostly in the long -term. There is no time to follow the currency.

Kelley Matthew

In short, I practice so far, I use professional analytics from the analytical portal Stocks Wide. I trade mostly in the long -term. There is no time to follow the currency. If you are not greedy and approach wisely, then it is quite possible to get a profit.

Chambers Donald

You can always find something to complain about. And for me, the fact is what stocks wide is a company, what is the level of services, how controversial cases are being decided, and it suits me.

Moore Jacob

What is worth paying attention to - access to world, famous exchanges. The commissions are the lowest among competitors. And there is also the possibility of trading with a credit shoulder. In general, the possibilities of the Stocks Wide broker are a lot, both for traders and investors.

Newton Matthew

The connection does not break off, the order is performed, I will not find fault with the quality of Stocks Wide - it is clear that they work. The support service is working promptly.

Powell Joseph

I have been selling at Stocks Wide since the fall of last year. Nobody offered me any training. I just verified the office, replenished the score and began trading without prompts and recommendations. I read reviews and understand that half of the negativity is pouring without reason!

Goodman Magnus

The broker offers competitive spreads and a credit shoulder, which allows traders to maximize their profits. In addition, it provides support for 24/7 customers to guarantee that quick answers will be given to all questions. In addition, this broker offers advanced trading tools, such as software for building graphs and analysis, which help traders make reasonable decisions. I can’t say that I chose a broker for a long time, there was a lot of talk about Stocks Wide and so on, and I knew that many people were selling here. For some time I have been trading with Stocks Wide, and, frankly, it is very good and convenient, there are no problems with the withdrawal of funds, in fact it is the fastest compared to other brokers with which I had to deal with before. For some brokers, it is easy to make a deposit, but it is very restless when it comes to withdrawing your money with difficulty earned. You can always work with any amount and any number of transactions, and this allows you to earn even with high volatility. I think this is a great indicator.

Montgomery Joseph

Stocks Wide broker, offering its customers a wide range of advantages. It provides competitive spreads, credit shoulder and technical support. Traiders can benefit from the opportunity to trade with high liquidity and low commissions. In addition, it provides excellent customer service and technical support to help traders make reasonable decisions when trading in the Forex market. In addition, he offers advanced trading tools, such as automated trading systems that help traders maximize their profits with minimal risks. All these functions make this broker an ideal choice for those who want to trade in the Forex market. The only thing I did not like (but this is not a broker’s fault) is that you can withdraw money only in the way you introduced it. To add a new way of withdrawal, you must first make money in this way. The rate of withdrawal of funds also depends on the level of status. The higher your status, the higher the priority.

Hart Nicholas

Traiders can benefit from low spreads and a high credit shoulder, which allows them to maximize their profits. In addition, they can use the services of the technical support service of the broker, which is always ready to answer any questions they have. This guarantees that traders have access to all the information necessary for them to make reasonable decisions in trade. Work with Stocks Wide broker is actually very simple. It has 2 convenient trading modern platforms. This is more than most brokers can offer. It was also very important for me that my future broker had a large base with training materials, namely, this broker is strong and I actively used it now too. He really has a lot of training in various kinds: there are articles, video on YouTube and so on. So in this aspect I was very pleased with the educational program of the broker. But when I opened an account with this broker about a year ago, I did not even think that I would like to trade with him so much. Nevertheless, this is exactly the broker with which you just want to trade in the long run.

Hodges Jeffry

Stocks Wide Broker provides traders with an advantage over other brokers, offering competitive spreads and a wide selection of foreign currency pairs. This allows traders to use market movements more efficiently than ever before. In addition, the broker offers excellent customer service and technical support so that traders can receive help at any time. The broker constantly updates the platform, and the recently updated version is better and contains indicator tools, oscillators, advisers and ready to use strategy. Stocks Wide differs from other brokers with its own approach to training. Although most of them offer training as an additional service (often paid), they provide it for free. The support service works very quickly and well. They answer and help each doubt and the question, so it is very convenient when they consult with you. My opinion is that the broker is perfect for beginners who still trade on a demo account and experienced traders who implement the most daring trading strategies on their accounts.

Milton Foster

You can start working with a deposit of $ 1,000 or only $ 25, and you can trade right on the go using their mobile application. Stocks Wide has many platforms that are convenient for the user, profitable and suitable for any level of experience.

Richard Webster

The STOCKS Wide customer support service is good, they are very useful when you need it, and they also answer quickly. A trading platform is just a dream, it is simple in understanding, and it can easily navigate in it, with which most people usually experience difficulties.

Donald Lewis

The Forex-Broker Stocks Wide was very useful in the registration process, and I had no problems with the opening of a trading account and making money. The site is easy to use, and I like everything in it. A constantly growing collection of tools available on their website helps me to trade in the most profitable way (and there are hundreds of others if this collection does not cover all your needs).

Guy Thomas

The Stocks Wide platform is very reliable. Support agents are always ready to help with any question or problem. I, like an employed entrepreneur, do not have time for downtime, and the Stocks Wide platform allows me to quickly restore my performance.

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