Referral system in trading. How to attract referrals?

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Many users of various forums or some other Internet projects may be referrals of someone and not even suspect about it. They once followed the link and registered. Well, those who somewhere guessed to place this link or a banner with it could earn. Perhaps one-time, if a person, for example, bought something somewhere somewhere, and possibly periodically.


It is known that many people strive to somehow get around this moment. They copy the beginning of the links, ignoring the "affiliate tails", search the Internet, read what kind of project there is and then follow to the site. They believe that they did not follow the link of some selfish person and rejoice. But it is likely that they have long called for some banners and will still be among the referrals of someone. In addition, people still will not lose anything.


And instead of these useless movements, it would be more correct to think about how you can make money. Today, under affiliate programs, there are options for earning in a variety of areas. People register, for example, in cash back services in order to save on purchases of goods and services. And then they search on the Internet what to present to someone for the new year, or for what other reason. Many people now play online games that can quickly get bored. There are a lot of games and some tend to get acquainted with as many as possible. And someone is looking for income options, looking for various courses, for example, on the study of foreign languages. Full of those who do not have enough money for anything, and they are looking for the best options for credit cards with interest-free periods.


And someone at this time looks at their partner offices and enjoys the traffic.

How to get a referral?

If the company involves a referral program, then somewhere in your account you should find a link where you need to invite new users. Often it looks like this:

https // X /? ref = N, where

X - resource name

N - your personal code by which the user is identified as your referral

Accordingly, in order to receive a referral, he needs to click on this link and register. It is also worth noting that information is stored in cookies in the browser. Therefore, the invitee may click on the link and not be registered, but he will remain your referral even if he signs up in a week by clicking on another link (provided that he will not clear Cookie).


Ways to attract are very different. Someone unwind accounts and communities in social networks and instant messengers. This is probably one of the few options for beginners that do not require a significant budget. Good content attracts a contingent, and people register, buy, replenish accounts and download something.

Well, if there is any money, then you can engage in arbitration by advertising in other people's groups. It should be understood that the relevance of some topics is constantly changing. And if only recently they could buy something well, then after a short amount of time, no one will look at old advertisements.


Here, take, for example, the popularity of requests for ICOs and bitcoin. But if they can ever regain popularity, then all sorts of dubious goods, such as fish bite activators or spinners, they will never begin to buy them as before. Or, for example, binars. On them, apparently, too, the hype is not worth the wait.


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