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Nas broker invested and mediated in Forex, as brokers for Poland. In addition, she also offered investment services. Nas broker ceased to exist in 2018.

Start year


Place of registration

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Financial regulator

The Financial Services Authority


The attitude of traders to the broker was initially ambiguous. On the one hand, a financial regulator was present, which should provide protection against fraud and scam. The broker received reviews that did not disregard this, but at the same time noted that the company is located offshore and is controlled by the local regulator. Offshore “registration” reduced the degree of confidence in the broker, especially considering the level of minimum deposit. Regarding the work experience that the Forex broker had, the reviews were also critical - the short period of the company’s activity inspired the authors with doubts about its stability and decency.


Terms of cooperation

As an exception to the practice conducted by brokers for Russia, the company did not use a set of accounts, offering customers only one:

• minimum deposit – $1000

• leverage - 1: 100;

• spread - from 0;

• commission - $ 7 per lot;

• minimum order size - 0.01;

• type of execution - market;

• trading platform - MetaTrader4.


The opinion of traders regarding the terms of cooperation with the broker was rather mixed. The broker received critical reviews both for a too high minimum deposit and for a high commission per lot. Some authors considered the conditions unworked and suspected that the company was a scam. They wrote that “it seems as if the broker was writing a proposal for cooperation on his knee”. However, there were those who liked the terms and received favorable reviews from the Forex broker. In the initial period of the company, these traders wrote about the profitability of cooperation with Nas broker.

Quality customer service

As a broker for Poland, Nas broker provided its customers with a fairly small set of support options:

• customer support;

• affiliate programs with the possibility of passive earnings.

By 2018, the opinion of traders about the quality of broker services has become negative. Although at first the broker received approving reviews. The dynamics of changes in the opinions of traders clearly monitors how the quality of support services has changed. Positive statements began to crowd out posts complaining of delays and delays; the authors claimed that the company was scammers who deliberately ignored calls to lead the trader to drain the deposit. By the end of its existence, the Forex broker earned reviews not just negative, but frankly indignant.

Quality and settlement procedure

For the movement of funds used the most popular methods in the world. In addition, the company used Bitcoin, which brokers do not often do for Poland.

Deposit funds:

• bank cards:

• bank transfer;

• payment systems

Withdraw funds:

• bank cards;

• bank transfer;

• payment systems

At the beginning of the company’s work, the broker received approving reviews. In the process of a decline in the quality of services and the honesty of mutual settlements, the picture began to change to the exact opposite. The company was charged with refusal of payments, frauds and scam. At the end of its activity, the Forex broker began to earn extremely negative reviews, up to promises to go to court. The company's reputation has gone into a deep minus.


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