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Available in black, yellow and white, and Jade, all Jaybird X4 models have a soft-touch design. Both headphones are connected with a cable. Putting them on yourself, you can place it directly under the chin or behind the neck. The cinch clip was specially designed for the latter wearing option, which fixes its length according to your taste so that it cannot dangle or sway while running, thus not interfering with you simultaneously enjoying music and playing sports.

Nevertheless, for those who find this not enough, one more additional clip can be found in the kit to fix the cable to clothing. The cable itself has a flat design, with a built-in remote control and microphone. The earbuds have an IPX7 rating, which makes them completely resistant to sweat and moisture, and also allows them to be submerged under water to a depth of one meter without any problems. This also means it can withstand heavy pouring rain and can also be used in the shower when you want to cool off after a grueling run.

Along with them there will be three pairs of regular silicone ear cushions (small, medium and large), as well as one universal thermosetting foam ear cushions Comply Ultra Eartips that can adjust to any ear. What are the best attachments to use, you ask? I suggest using the versatile Comply Ultra, even if the silicone ear cushions fit better in your ears. The fact is that the first ones convey the sound better, in particular, as it seemed to me, they amplify the bass. 

All of these accessories, as well as the included USB charging cable, fit in a handy black pouch. It should be noted that the cable, rather than plugging into the port in the case itself on the headphones, uses a proprietary connection, plugging into the bottom of the remote control. This, in turn, allowed for that IPX7 rating, and also eliminated the need to add extra rubber grommets for the charging port there. The remote control, located next to the right earphone, has three buttons. The central button is multifunctional, and controls playback of tracks, receiving calls and activating sound assistants. In combination, it is also a power button if you hold it down for a few seconds. Side buttons "plus" and "minus" are designed to change the volume level and navigate between tracks. 

The Jaybird X4 has a built-in microphone, which I tried to test a little more thoroughly. Using the Voice Memos app on the iPhone 7, I found it to deliver excellent sound quality when placed a little further from my face or neck. Otherwise, there is a little extra noise when the microphone hits the skin, but the quality is still excellent. Free application for Android and iOS provides the ability to use the equalizer, and its settings for your music. 

You can always go here and save the settings you need specifically for a specific type of music, or for a specific type of activity. In addition, there is an unusual feature that allows you to switch between left and right channels (if you want to listen to music with a friend), and the Find My Buds feature to find lost headphones. If we talk about the battery of the four, the developers guarantee about eight hours of battery life, but the final results will depend on many factors, for example, the volume of the tracks playing or the inclusion of additional functions (the same Find My Buds, on which the charge is spent).


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