How to vacuum products at home

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How to vacuum products at home?

The trend of the last five or six years is home vacuuming of products, and the appropriate devices have appeared for this: vacuum sealers, or vacuumizers - desktop and built-in, household and professional. Is this a tribute to the fashion for healthy lifestyle or a really useful technique? We have found six reasons to evacuate products, and you treat them like a test: if more than half of the reasons are relevant to you, then you need a vacuum degasser.

Here we will talk about the real average storage time of chilled meat, fish, vegetables, cheese, as well as herbs, mushrooms, coffee beans. Removing air from the package "shuts off oxygen" to the bacteria. Do not take the word of manufacturers and sellers who claim that vacuuming extends the shelf life of a product "eight times". It all depends on the type of product (meat, fish will not be stored for a day, but for 4–5 days, but, for example, vacuumized coffee beans - for months), on the freshness of the product, which is “the first, it’s the last”: vacuumization will not save the product "Smelly" or moldy.

A common question is: is it possible to store vacuum-sealed food outside the refrigerator? In fact, the evacuation of air affects the term, but not the very possibility: If the product cannot be stored "warm" anyway, then evacuation will not change this either.

To distribute everything in portions and make homemade convenience foods

Vacuuming is a convenient way of not only storing, but also distributing food into portions and sets for preparing different dishes. For example, after purchasing, you can spend some time on the weekend to chop vegetables for soup, vegetable stew, salad, filling or side dish, prepare steaks for baking, distribute everything in vacuum bags and not waste time preparing food before cooking.

We came home from work - opened the vacuum packaging, threw it into a saucepan (on a baking sheet, in a double boiler, in a slow cooker), turned it on and after a while received a finished dish. This way you can plan the menu for the week, which is very convenient and is recommended especially for those who want to get used to a healthy regular diet.

To preserve aromas

Aroma is the reason many people vacuum coffee, tea, spices. This is convenient if you buy coffee or tea in profitable large packages: you cannot store a kilogram of tea in a large package that constantly opens and closes, it is more convenient to decompose it into bags of one hundred grams.

To freeze properly

Not only what is stored in the refrigerating chamber is evacuated, but also what is intended for freezing. The fact is that vacuum packaging helps products avoid so-called "burns" of product surfaces during freezing, and correctly go through the crystallization stage - without losing juices, when ice crystals formed in products at a temperature of –2–4 degrees break the structure. Food stored in a vacuum-sealed freezer retains its structure and color when thawed.

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