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Compared to the period that the most reputable brokers in EU exist on the market, Coinmarketsolutions was organized not so long ago. It has been operating since 2019, with its headquarters in Tallin, Estonia. The company is regulated by local regulators. Even withing this timeframe the company managed to build a strong reputation among the traders of EU.


What Coinmarketsolutions reviews mention about registration data and how was it evaluated in terms of reliability?

Traders rated the basic information about the company as a whole positive. Confidence is caused by its registration in non-offshore zone and the presence of a significant regulator. With the attention that the company pays to its own reputation, it’s absolutely not surprising. Therefore, we see no Coinmarketsolutions scam in its activities.


Terms of cooperation and customer accounts

Trading conditions of the company has a much wider choice than brokers usually offer for EU. They include six trading accounts, the difference in which is the choice of a trading services, the absence of a commission and the size of the spread.

List of services for every account type can be checked on Trader can easily change account type if he or she would like to, by simply adding investment to the account.


What reviews Forex broker deserved for trading conditions?

In their statements, traders do not indicate any reason to consider the scam, but mention a number of points for avoiding fraud or scam. At the same time, the size of the minimum deposit is sometimes found too high, and the leverage smaller than for other brokers. On the other hand, some reviews emphasize that it is a small leverage that is an important factor in meeting the requirements of a serious financial regulator.


Customer service

Against the background of what brokers most often offer for EU, the support of clients looks quite impressive. One of the reasons is that in addition to intermediation in Forex, the company is also a crypto broker, that is, it offers services for the professional growth of traders.

It can offer to clients:

Support service is active during working week, 24/5. They take care not only of technical issues related to platform performance, but also monitor and check all the activity of withdrawals and deposits, if there’s anything that has to be fixed.


What reviews Forex broker earned for the quality of customer service?

In general, the quality of work was appreciated by traders in EU quite positively. There are a lot of reviews that Coinmarketsolutions cares a lot about its trading platform and technical condition of the software, therefore its support service does its best to help traders. review: methods and quality of mutual settlements

In comparison with what brokers offer for EU, the set of settlement methods offered by the company is wide and clear. It includes:

At the same time, it can be noted that the company pays great attention to protecting customer funds from fraudsters - money can only be withdrawn to the details from which they came to the client account. Also you can find CoinMarketSolutions review mentioning that every trader has to undergo a verification process which is quite detailed, and only after that the withdrawal can be completed.


What are this Forex broker reviews for crediting payments and conducting settlements with customers?

In addition to reports of performed withdrawals, there are no well-grounded complaints about the quality of payments made by the company. Even verification procedure itself is quite usual for any regular broker from EU and even from other regions, since it’s a part of standard safety procedures. So scam avoiding algorithms are quite usual for this sphere.


Lets’ see some customers’ Coinmarketsolutions reviews:

When I see you guys talking about review in the comments section, I wonder why is this company brought up so rarely. These guys are really awesome and professional, they could surpass most of the brokers you mentioned with ease.

Representative of has contacted me a couple of days ago and I was really pleasantly surprised - I don't often meet brokers with such great professionals on board. The conversation was absolutely enlightening and right now I'm seriously considering joining this company as a partner.

All discussions on the web are so empty and pointless... why don't we just stick to what we believe and stop arguing with empty words? My point of view hasn't changed one bit - Coinmarketsolutions absolutely can get you some good profits, and if you failed to get that result, that is your lack of skills, not Coinmarketsolutions scam.

Was cooperating with for the last two months and the experience was really great. Love how fast their support crew works. Terms and timing of money withdrawals are great as well, so to me they look like one of the best brokers out there.

I didn't count on it, but it looks like trading with Coinmarketsolutions has become my main activity now, lol. Got to leave my old job, want to spend more time on trading, it is soo profitable. Me a trader, who would have thought huh.

Yeah, could've used a bit better terms of cooperation, especially when it comes to beginner brokers who just want some way to enter the market, but everything else is so great that I forgive them easily. You go fellas!


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