Atom8 offers Forex mediation

Atom8 offers Forex Visitors: 566 ★★★★


Atom8 offers Forex mediation to traders, as well as other brokers for Poland. In addition, it provides professional growth services for traders, deals with interbank liquidity issues, and is also an STP broker.

Start year


Place of registration

London, UK

Financial regulator

Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom

Basic information about the company was perceived by traders of Poland positively. The broker has earned approving reviews both for the existence of a solid regulator and for the place of registration corresponding to him. All this reduces concerns about fraud and scam to a minimum. At the same time, there are criticisms that until a short time, which works for the Forex broker - reviews note this detail, but do not focus too much on this.

Trading conditions

The company has a small set of trading accounts - brokers for Poland are much smaller than usual. The general conditions for both are as follows:

• Minimum deposit - $ 5000;

• Leverage - 1:50;

• The minimum lot is 0.01.

The difference in trading accounts includes several parameters:


• Spread - from 0.6;

• Commission - no;


Raw Spreads + Comm:

• Spread - from 0.25;

• Commission - from $ 2.50 per 100,000;

• Trading platform - ATOM8 TRADER or ATOM8 TRADER PRO.

The opinion of Polish traders reflects their personal preferences. The broker earned approving reviews for the clarity and transparency of the conditions themselves, allowing us to conclude that the company is not a scam. Some authors indicate that the proposal is attractive. Veste, however, sometimes there are complaints about a small leverage and the level of spread that the broker offers for the Forex broker - there are also reviews of this type, but they are few.

Quality customer service


The company does not include contests and promotions to accompany clients, as brokers do for Poland. However, its professional content, in the sense of support and provision of information, is impressive:

• free education;

• round-the-clock support;

• real-time quotes;

• analytical materials;

• macroeconomic calendar;

• news bulletins;

• affiliate program.

The language of the company’s website is English.

The broker has earned positive reviews in an amount sufficient to say with confidence that he has a good reputation with traders. However, this was not without comments. There are complaints about the slow work of the support service, which is carried out by the Forex broker - critical reviews are focused on this and the lack of a Russian-language version of the site. Meanwhile, there are no comments that the support is scammers and deliberately delays in order to drain the trader's deposit.


Quality and settlement procedure

Unlike the strategy of using payment systems, which is implemented by brokers for Poland, the company uses only exclusively classical channels of mutual settlements:

• bank cards;

• bank transfers.

In this case, the withdrawal of funds is made at the request of the trader and exclusively for the same details from which the money came in when they were deposited.

Most statements of traders about the completeness and speed of payments are approving. In addition to them, the broker earned reviews and critical nature, including complaints about delays in the receipt of funds to the trader, but these are complaints about delays, and not accusations of fraudsters and scam. The rest of the traders rather well evaluate how they make payments with the Forkes broker - reviews of this type prevail. We can say that the company's reputation is rather positive.



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