Why is it difficult to promote paid apps?

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Market leaders

If we talk about the rapid growth of the market, then separately it is worth mentioning its leaders - these are not just competitors, but large players with serious budgets, and sometimes huge corporations. This means that they can buy traffic more expensive and more. On the one hand, it is sad, on the other hand, imagination turns on and other more interesting options for promotion are found.

Not only ASO

In an era when mobile app development has become a huge money industry, it is not worth hoping for success in organic search without additional efforts. More about effort, but here is all the basic knowledge of ASO, if you're just starting out. Don't forget the basics.

User's subconscious

It sounds intriguing, but it only means that when buying an expensive smartphone, many people do not plan to spend extra money on it. It seems that everything should already be inside, including the app store. Even if a person has installed your application (for example, free with in-app purchases), it does not mean that he will buy something else.

Speaking of methods, we must remember that the task of the marketer is not to forget about the profit and the right strategies for attracting users. Now let's talk about how to proceed.

Engage your audience through the app site

There is a big gap between the statistics that marketers rely on and actual user behavior. This is due to the fact that the user's journey to the final action becomes more complex and includes several devices and points of interaction. However, an analysis of 45 applications showed that users first visit the site and only then go to the store to download. This year the number of such downloads has doubled! This means that users can first be sent from advertisements to the landing page / site on the Internet and only then they can complete this funnel in the app store.

Apple Search Ads

When promoting a paid application, advertising in stores for certain keywords can help. We have already talked about how Apple Search Ads works, but we would like to share a useful case. In short, don't make the keyword mistake and don't add everything. More doesn't mean your campaign will be successful. The main thing is to compose a core of relevant keys (10-15 pieces) and be patient for testing - most likely there will be no lightning-fast result

Working with reviews

Good reviews and a high rating for a paid application greatly affect the loyalty and trust of users and, as a result, the decision to download your product or not. Some marketers are tempted to just buy enough reviews and save themselves the extra work. Be warned that black methods, even gray ones, are not worth it. There are other ways - legal and safe.

Analyze reviews using a filter: by specific word, rating, app version or status (modified, with or without response). Rating tool and reviews in Checkaso.

Ask your acquaintances, embed an internal request for an assessment in the application itself (just do not be too intrusive and guess the right moment, for example, after the user has passed a new level in the game and experienced pleasant emotions). You can also order paid reviews from real people - ask to play / use the application and give feedback in the store.

David Margaryan

Head of ASO

In addition, we will share a short checklist for working with reviews from our material:

Paid-to-Free strategy

It consists in the fact that you make your application or some in-app purchases free for a certain limited time. Thus, you get a lot of downloads, which cannot but affect the popularity of the application in the App Store. Before launching such a campaign, it is worthwhile to tell about it in advance and outline all the benefits that the user will receive and announce the dates.

Steve Young of marketing agency App Masters goes into more detail about this strategy. We also had a joint stream with Steve, where we analyzed all the ways to attract organic matter.

If we talk about promotion on Google Play, then you can make a sale or give out promotional codes. Discounts may apply to entire app or in-app purchases. We recommend that you read the official guidelines for creating sales and promotions. You can announce such companies here or see a large table with suitable sites and forums, where there are options for both iOS and Android applications.

Promotion through featured

Featured ads can affect an impressive traffic flow to a paid app page, especially if your marketing budget is very small. It is not very easy to get it, but anything is possible. You need to start with the official guide from the App Store or filling out a special form on Google Play. But we suggest that you first look at our article, where there is a step-by-step instruction and all the necessary links.

What else?

In fact, you can use a lot of advertising tools to attract new users or warm up those who haven't gotten to download yet. Cool SMM and content marketing will help you (the main thing is to be different from competitors and think about the benefits for the reader), online PR campaigns, media collaboration and publications on thematic platforms, special projects with partners, referral programs. Don't forget about word of mouth. The image for a paid application is not an empty phrase, but the right direction. The main thing is to pay attention to where your target audience "lives" and predict the effectiveness of these channels. 


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