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There are different scenarios for how attackers can hack into your email account and take over your money. With the help of KeyTrending, scam can be recognized and neutralized.

Also, having studied all the signs of the actions of dishonest companies, we can practically deny the possibility that scam check can let any of phishing emails get to you from its email addresses.

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has grown into our lives. We use electronic payment services, pay utility bills using Internet banking, conduct business and friendly correspondence. If we do not follow the basic rules of caution, our confidential information can fall prey to fraudsters.

Phishing is one of the types of Internet fraud aimed at obtaining illegal access to confidential user data. The cost of one phishing attack is up to 2 thousand dollars, and the profits received by fraudsters can reach tens of thousands.

The experts of KeyTrending: Scam prevention is simple

Let's take a closer look at what it is. Phishing (from the English phishing - fishing) is a type of Internet fraud, which consists in the theft of confidential user data. Simply put, cybercriminals “trick” users into revealing their personal data, for example, phone numbers, numbers and secret codes of bank cards, logins and passwords of email and social media accounts. To do this, users are offered a certain service or opportunity that entices them to such actions. For example, users of a social network are offered to find out who visited their personal page (although in fact the social network itself does not provide such an opportunity), and customers of online stores are offered goods with a crazy discount.

Any other confidential information can be of interest to cybercriminals. Fraudsters “fish out” user data under various plausible pretexts: checking authorization on the site, the need to “unsubscribe” from spam in email, paying for a purchase at a bargain price or with a big discount, the need to install a new application.

The British experiment

Not so long ago, one of the British companies specializing in protecting against online fraud conducted an interesting experiment. Visitors to the coffee shop were offered free coffee in exchange for liking the institution's corporate Facebook page. While the visitor was placing the order, the employees analyzed the person's profile and learned a lot of personal information about him. While the coffee was being prepared, the barista managed to "dump" information on the person about his birthday, the names of his parents, education, religion and other things. And all this thanks to just one like! In this interactive way, the company focused the attention of citizens on the need to protect their personal data.

Experts KeyTrending Scam prevention is easy: How does phishing work?

The specificity of phishing is that the fraudulent victim provides his / her confidential data voluntarily. To do this, cybercriminals operate with such tools as phishing sites, email newsletters, phishing landing pages, pop-ups, and targeted advertising. The user receives an offer to register for any benefit or to confirm his personal data, allegedly for banking and commercial institutions, of which he is a client. KeyTrending broker experts warn: as a rule, scammers disguise themselves as well-known companies, social networking applications, and e-mail services. The sender's email address does indeed look like a familiar company.

How to recognize phishing

An email comes with a letter that begins with the words «Congratulations! You won …». You are informed about the victory in a drawing or lottery, and in order to receive a prize, you just need to log in, leaving your personal account data on someone else's resource. Oddly enough, such a primitive deception strategy still works, since the hope for the best and the desire to receive a gift lie in human nature.

The offer to leave your confidential data may come from a resource that looks like a site you are familiar with, but in fact turns out to be phishing. Scammers create phishing sites with a recognizable design and a almost similar address bar, say experts of Scam is that they lure visitors to phishing online stores with frenzied discounts and low prices. After a person enters the information necessary to pay for the goods by credit card (credit card number, last name and username, card expiration date and CVV secret code), the information gets to the attackers. The buyer is left without goods and without money on the card.

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Lang John

I started trading on lockdown because I was bored, liked it enough to stay. This company seems like a good place for a beginner.

Matthews Wesley

Planning to switch to another account type, one that has better spreads. I'm trading daily, so it's definitely worth it.

Snow Gordon

I opened demo account when I just joined and it was pretty disappointing, didn't feel like real trading at all. Now I'm on live one and enjoying it a lot more. Getting real money is also nice, obviously.

Barber Kenneth

I've been working with this company for a month, it's my first time trading. Now I wish I'd started years ago, it feels like I missed out on so many opportunities. Well, better late than never I guess.

Green Michael

I was choosing between several companies, and these guys' conditions seemed to be the best. Well, it's been a month and I'm completely satisfied with them for now.

Robinson Evelyn

Honestly, trading didn’t seem like something I’d enjoy, but I still decided to try because why not. Now it’s a vital part of my life, and I have these guys to thank for that. This platform is great for a beginner, and even if I couldn’t figure out something support would always help me.

Farmer Laurence

Can’t say anything bad about these guys. When I just joined, I couldn’t figure out the terminal myself - wasted 3 days on it, then called support and they explained everything I needed in ten minutes. And after I’d set it up, trading was easy enough.

Payne Steven

Personally, I only have a positive experience with keytrending, I am comfortable to trade with this broker. A very convenient modern platform and polite support. I withdrew the money repeatedly, everything is ok. And if you don’t know how to trade, then not a single broker will help.

Harris Francis

keytrending Brings out without delay - this is the main thing. There were never any failures. I’ve been working here for a couple of years and plan to work further with them. In general, there are a lot of advantages for traders, but most importantly, I think - the conclusion, since without it everything else loses its meaning.

Hunt Damian

C keytrending is traded quite successfully, not only the deposited funds are withdrawn, but the profit too. Although if you withdraw a large amount of money, expect a broker from Kiexo and will arrange interrogations - what and where)

Mathews Tyrone

I have been trading with keytrending for several years, I advised the company to friends, and advertised on my blog. A conscientious broker, excellent execution of orders, no restrictions on trade, they withdraw all the profit. keytrending The withdrawal of funds could be made automatically, since the year 19 rumors went about this, but against the backdrop of their advantages this is an insignificant annoying trifle.

Ward Jasper

A good company with good service and good conditions. It depends on what to compare with, of course, but objectively looking at things - order, you can trade with such a broker. Liquidity is good, there is no disgrace with slippers, profitable transactions do not touch. Follow the market.

Palmer Thomas

Tsi Pershi Broker, de I, having finished trading on a real penny, I have been shuffing from Bagahokh, Ale contributed to Yaku Rodkani. The spocke was just VIDGUKS ZATSIKAVIKA, Ale Kolya to be sagged, cognized, having stolen the order of Prazivnikiv. Having stopped keytrending pydozryuvati choke, the poggami, through the signs of vіdguki about Forex, is unnecessary, Ale Pidozruysh Vsih.

Stevenson Frank

Over the past year, my acquaintances began to trade with a broker keytrending, and by their example I also opened an account there. It was interesting then what he attracted them so. What I’ll say from myself now: this is not some wonderful broker who has no equal, ordinary in general. But they work well and efficiently. Any money will withdraw money, and $ 100 and 1000 will withdraw, I checked it

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